nema gearbox

• Drive and Programmable Controller
• REAL-TIME Closed Loop
• SnapTrack Easy Programming
• Six Digital I/O
• One 16 Bit Analog Input
• RS485 or Multi-Drop Communication
• Other Rotary and Linear Actuator Versions Available

During last 10 years, Ever-Power’ has provided a unique type of stepper electric motor linear actuators that open new avenues for apparatus designers who require high performance and exceptional stamina in an exceedingly small package. The products convert the rotation motion to linear movement on motors with manufactured thermoplastic nuts and a stainless steel acme business lead screws. This enables the linear actuator to supply quiet, efficient, durable and cost effective linear motion solutions.

5 frame sizes with NEMA 17, 23, 34, 42, 56 flange and metric shaft
Backlash only 6 arc-minutes
Ratios up to 1000:1
High radial and axial loading capacity
20,000 hours service life
Synthetic grease, maintenance free
Reliable operating performance, cost effective integration

The Ever-Power EP Series gearboxes include a NEMA output flange with metric shaft, to offer exceptional torque ratings and convenience of a lot of present servo and stepper movement control applications. The gearboxes are drop-ins for most industry standards and available from solitary to three levels with ratios 3:1 up to 1000:1, the best backlash of < 6 arc-mins. Adapters for all servo and stepper motors. Gearing Arrangement:Planetary,Spur Frame Size:42.6/60/90/115/145 mm Ratio:3~1000:1 Nominal Output Torque:8~215 N.m Nominal Input Speed:2500~4000 rpm Max. Input Speed:5000~6000 rpm Backlash:12~15 arcmin, three stages, 6~9 arcmin, single stage, 8~12 arcmin, two stages Noise Level:60~67 dBA/1m Enclosure:IP65 Lubrication:Synthetic Lubricant Key Features


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