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Precautions for oil change of reducer

2020-03-28 18: 01: 59 read 18

Precautions for oil change of reducer

  With the development of industry, the reducer has played a great role in the production process; but if maintenance is not paid attention to, the wear and tear of the reducer will bring unnecessary economic losses to the enterprise; in fact, the working life of the reducer can be passed through the appropriate Maintenance and maintenance measures have been considerably improved.


  How can maintenance be used more effectively?In addition to daily visual inspections, especially check the tightness of the reducer.It is also necessary to regularly check the abnormal noise of the reducer and the oil level of the reducer.

  Take the oil change of the reducer as an example: when the reducer has been running for 200 to 300 hours, the oil should be changed for the first time. The quality of the oil should be checked regularly in the future use, and the oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated should be replaced in time.Under normal circumstances, for a long-term continuous working reducer, the new oil should be replaced with new oil after 5000 hours of operation or once a year, and the long-term deactivated reducer should also be replaced with new oil before restarting.The reducer should be filled with oil of the same grade as the original, and must not be mixed with oils of different grades. Oils of the same grade but with different viscosity are allowed to be mixed. When changing the oil, wait for the reducer to cool down and there is no risk of combustion, but keep it warm. Hot, because the viscosity of the oil increases after it is completely cooled, and it is difficult to drain the oil.